Flavouring “builds back sweetness” when sugar is reduced

Kerry Taste & Nutrition has developed TasteSense, a natural flavouring solution, which is said to build back the sweetness that is lost when sugar is reduced in a product.

According to the company, TasteSense allows for up to 30% sugar reduction, adds back the sweetness and mouthfeel that is lost when sugar is reduced, it is labelled as a natural flavouring and it is suitable for food or beverage products where a flavour can be used. Kerry Taste & Nutrition says it allows consumers to enjoy the taste and mouthfeel that sugar delivers, without the negative labelling impact.

In recent years, a trend for healthier lifestyles has emerged and consumers have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their food and drinks. As European Union (EU) sugar consumption figures reach nearly 32kg per person per year, sugar reduction has become the health trend under the spotlight.

There is increasing pressure on manufacturers from consumers and legislators to reduce the levels of sugar in all products. However, while consumers want healthier foods with reduced sugar, they are unwilling to compromise on taste. Research by Kerry shows that 63% of consumers are worried about the health impacts of artificial sweeteners, with over half saying that they don’t like the taste.

Commenting on this constant taste versus nutrition battle, Leigh Anne Vaughan, marketing director at Kerry Taste and Nutrition, says, “Food and beverage companies often believe reducing sugar content requires a compromise on function and taste. Sugar doesn’t just add the sweet taste to a product, it is much more complex. It is also used to give some food and beverages the texture, and overall mouthfeel that consumers love. Many solutions offered cannot fully deliver the lost taste, and mouthfeel of sugar. Many also bring with them undesirable off-notes and aftertastes.”

She adds, “Kerry Taste and Nutrition has developed TasteSense a product, we have developed to address these issues and solve these problems for our customers. It ensures the great taste desired by consumers is maintained and can be used across a range of categories including beverage, yogurt, ice cream, bakery, sauces and ready meals. TasteSense adds back the sweetness and mouthfeel that is lost by the reduction of sugar. And it can be labelled as a natural flavouring.” 

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