Chr. Hansen reveals new range of natural colours

Chr. Hansen has launched a range of oil soluble, naturally-sourced colours for the North American market. The new range provides solutions for cookies, ice cream, confectionery and savoury snacks.

Mary Bentley, senior vice president sales & marketing, North America, says, “We are really excited to launch this range on the North American market at a time where natural ingredients are more important to the consumer than ever before. The range has been specifically developed to meet some of the challenges our customers face so it is easier for them to implement natural colours and meet consumer demands.”

The oil soluble range is made from natural sources such as fruit, vegetables and other edible plants. “Great care has been taken to create colours that are stable and can be blended to create nearly any colour desired. The colours are bright and in liquid form, ready for use and easily dispersible, developed for stable blending and ambient storage,” adds Bentley.

The oil soluble range, which is now expanded with four new products, is created from sources like turmeric, paprika and spirulina. The range includes a blue and green for cream fillings and compound coatings, as well as a high strength pink and ready to use non-caramel brown.

Jakob Rasmussen, senior director, global marketing, says, “Combining our long track record of conversion with our technical application expertise, as well as an in depth understanding of local trends and consumer demands, enables us to support our customers in their conversion to natural, and their ongoing optimisation of consistency and application.”

Typical food products that require oil soluble colours are: fat compounds used for chocolate decorations, the compound coating (chocolate) over ice cream lollies, yogurt covered nuts, the compound coating over muesli bars and cookies, the filling inside sandwich cookies and sugar wafers and the seasoning mix on savoury snacks.

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