Focus: Mettler-Toledo enhances checkweighing system targeting faster processing

Developing inspection systems that fulfil manufacturers’ key goals of speed and efficiency in operating time is particularly demanding for equipment specialists. As Mettler-Toledo explains, it has responded for the need to upgrade systems, as it reveals to Confectionery Production about two of its lines


As it seeks to enhance its equipment range, the Mettler-Toledo equipment group has unveiled a Configure-to-Order (CTO), 10-5 (working) day Quick Ship Programme for Garvens’ C33 checkweighers and Safeline X33 and X34 x-ray systems.

Effective immediately, the programme significantly improves product inspection equipment lead times. This enables manufacturers to meet the compliance requirements of food safety regulations and approval of Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) quicker thereby enabling them to ship their product faster onto retailer shelves.

The C33 Quick Ship checkweighers function in dry production environments and are available in six configurations to help meet specific weighing needs quickly. The programme allows manufacturers to add a new checkweigher to their line (or replace an existing weighing solution) within a streamlined, rapid design and delivery process.

The X33 and X34 Quick Ship Programmes have reportedly been designed for manufacturers requiring a fast, efficient solution to inspect their small and medium sized packaged products at a throughput rate of up to 300 products per minute. Highly sensitive detection capabilities ensure that each package is inspected for contaminants including shards of metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density plastics and rubber. Simultaneously, both systems perform quality and packaging integrity checks to ensure brand protection.

Mike Pipe, Head of Global Sales & Product Management, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, said that the present pandemic conditions had in fact driven demand for equipment ranges, with heightened levels of snacking proving a significant factor.

He said: “This year, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted demand for food products in an unprecedented manner. Expanded eat-at-home opportunities have led to significant increases in volumes in all food categories. As such, we have designed our Quick Ship programmes to help manufacturers quickly respond to product demands thereby ensuring that all goods leaving their facilities meet stringent food safety compliance requirements and are safe for consumers,” said

The Quick Ship Programmes offer manufacturers a high level of flexibility of checkweighing and x-ray inspection system specifications and configurable options.

Configure-to-Order (CTO) options include: Within the X33 and X34 Quick Ship Programme the x-ray inspection systems are dispatched within 10 working days from receipt of order. The x-ray systems are available in either 800mm or 1800m length, line heights of 850mm, 950mm and 1050mm plus detector widths of 300mm or 400mm. The X33 only uses one fifth of the power needed by traditional x-ray systems to achieve high levels of detection sensitivity. Whilst the X34 offers a low powered generator to reduce energy consumption.

Due diligence features include audible alarm, reject check, reject guard, reject verification with bin full and high street retail compliance specification of normal and wide sensors.

C33 Quick Ship Checkweighers are dispatched within 15 working days from the initial order. They are available in six configurations including two conveyor widths (200mm or 300mm), two conveyor lengths (300mm or 400mm), 7″ or 12″ HMIs and air blast or pusher sorting mechanisms. The checkweighers have a throughput of up to 300 packs per minute, and a weighing range from 7 g to 7.5 kg.

They support the Mettler-Toledo ProdX Data Management Software and have connectivity options such as OPC-UA for transmission of weigh data, statistical records as well as article management. Furthermore, the C33 Quick Ship also features a Due Diligence package, including pressure monitoring for air-based sorting devices, rejection countercheck sensors and support for conveyor stop and outfeed mechanisms.

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