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My blog comes to you this week from the Netherlands, where I’m on a two-day trip visiting various ingredients and equipment manufacturers.

Today, I’m at Tromp Group’s production facility in Bunschoten in the Netherlands to find out more about the processing of waffle products – and hopefully taste some. I’m also visiting the company’s manufacturing facility in Gorinchem. Tromp Group produces stainless steel food production lines and machines designed and manufactured with technologies including 3D design and laser cutting.

Tomorrow, I’m travelling south to see colouring foods specialist GNT to visit its new laboratory facilities in Mierlo. With an investment of over €3 million, the new facility is expected to further improve the support it provides to manufacturers at all stages of the product development process.

GNT hopes this will further drive the concept of ‘colouring food with food’ to become the industry standard to satisfy consumers growing demand for natural colours. I’ll also get a sneak peek at the company’s black carrot harvest production at its facility in Heinsberg. Expect to read more about these visits in our upcoming issues.

The November issue of Confectionery Production should be arriving on your desks this week. A theme that runs throughout the issue is the clean label trend, which is gaining significant momentum in the global confectionery industry. Colours and flavours manufacturers are looking to natural plant-based ingredients, including spirulina, to help confectionery producers create natural, but also colourful products. As such, what started as a trend is now the standard as demand for clean label colours and flavours rises.

There are two insights looking at these developments, while our Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) show preview also touches on this. Our diaries are filling up so if you’d like to schedule in a meeting then please get in touch. 

Until next time.

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