Capol prepares Sweets and Snacks Expo confectionery showcase

Confectionery glazing and anti-sticking agents company Capol is set to join 25th anniversary celebrations for the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, US, showcasing its extended product series, writes Neill Barston.

The influential annual industry trade fair, supported by both major brands and supplier companies, returns once again between 23-26 May at McCormick Place, is set to bring together professionals from the confectionery and snack retail, manufacturing and supply industries.

As the company explained, for this special edition of the show, it will be presenting its recently developed Vivapigments solutions from the areas of colouring and confectionery finishing.

These products were designed to enable the candy and snacks industry to unlock new potentials around product design appeal and efficient manufacturing processes. A striking feature of the confectionery segment is the highly visual nature of its products.

According to the business, among its core areas of focus, Capol assists manufacturers address the need for  premium confectionery products through its anti-sticking, polishing and glazing agents for gummy and panned confectionery applications.

In addition, colour, too, plays a key role in the visual appeal of sweets, and consumers increasingly expect food colouring to stem from natural sources across confectionery ranges.

The Vivapigments natural colour pigment range is manufactured using a patented and proprietary process. Natural extracts are encapsulated in a rice protein matrix, creating natural colour pigments with an extraordinary stability against light, heat and oxidation.

As a result, the series’ natural colours display lake-like properties while at the same time offering clean label opportunities for a broad range of applications.

Furthermore, as the company noted, confectionery applications often ask a great deal of natural colours, with regard to the heat in gummy production or opacity in panned confectionery.

“We’ve seen that Vivapigments can help achieve bright and stable colours in applications where traditional water- and oil-soluble natural colours tend to make obtaining these desired results difficult,” says Joseph Napoletano, sales director of Capol.

As the company added, its Vivapigments series has been developed as a strong match for all fat-based matrices, such as those of chocolate and compound coatings. Consequently, its natural colour pigments are easily dispersible and never fail to achieve a vibrant, homogenous colouring result.

Their tinctorial strength is of particular interest when it comes to panning applications – where manufacturers are always seeking strong colour coverage. Visitors to Sweets and Snacks Expo can find out more at its stand between 23-24 May, number 30115, adjacent to the main Sweets and Snacks show floor at McCormick Place.




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