Barry Callebaut launches Caramel Aura chocolate and Indulgence Playbook for US market

Barry Callebaut has unveiled a key guide for US manufacturers in the confectionery and bakery sectors – the Indulgence Playbook, to maximise product opportunities including its latest chocolate range Caramel Aura, reports, Neill Barston.

The company’s latest move was showcased in a media presentation this week, featuring company chef Martin Diaz (pictured), who revealed some of the major potential for the new line within a broad series of applications.

As the event (below) revealed, the development of Aura, a caramelised white chocolate with caramelised white milk powder and sugar with no added sugar or flavouring, follows studies from Mintel that revealed the flavour was the most popular in the US across major seasonal treating occasions.

According to the company, there has been notable growth of the premium category in the last year, and indulgence has become a key driver in the market. Consequently, consumers are looking for ways to celebrate, to lean into comfort or to take a break with quality snacks or chocolate series.

As the business noted, indulgence is a premium experience of taste and comfort, and consumers want products with a clear added value which can come in the form of special ingredients, flavour, unique processing techniques, positioning, or certifications.

To help brands tackle this challenge in the premium indulgence market and appeal to those consumers, the company has released its Indulgence Playbook, a multi-asset tool designed to highlight market insights, product solutions, and application and concept ideas to win in the market. In addition, the Indulgence Playbook is comprised of strategies and concepts to innovate or renovate your line of products so that they stand out with premium positioning.

The Aura line of special ingredients  has been aligned with the company’s sustainability indulgence strategy, being a Cocoa Horizon product which supports farmers and protects the planet through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Available in Caramel Aura melting chocolate and chips, food manufacturers can elevate their brands and treats into a delectable and indulgent experience, including melting chocolates, that are considered to be versatile and can be used in many applications, such as for moulding, enrobing, drizzling, bottoming or even panning.

The line’s chip variety are designed to be used for  baked goods such as cookies and are also a decadent addition to trail mixes or other snacks.

“We are so excited to reveal our latest caramel product, Carmel Aura, and our industry resource, the Indulgence Playbook,” said Laura Bergan, Director Barry Callebaut Brand. “Through consumer research, we created the Indulgence Playbook with tactics and methods to help brands succeed in evolving consumer tastes and meet the needs of the premium indulgence market. To help brands meet those premium standards, Caramel Aura is the easy product solution that will elevate and capture consumer’s interests. We’re excited to see the industry expand their definition of indulgence and utilize our strategies to create products that provide indulgent experiences for everyone.”

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