WDS reports strong response to online confectionery systems events

German-based equipment and systems business WDS has reported a strong response to its debut confectionery-themed virtual customer experience event series, writes Neill Barston.

As the company revealed, with the coronavirus pandemic having seriously impacted on customers ability to meet directly with each other, the company wanted to reach out and display its latest series of machinery that has been under development in recent years.

The total of 18 sessions that concluded last month, showcased the company’s variety of types of confectionery plants for chocolate, gum and jelly as well as fondant and toffee product ranges.

This included the ConfecPRO, a flexible production set-up for medium and high volume capacities for filled and solid chocolates or, more recently, also for jelly products, meeting customer requirements for maximum accessibility, process monitoring and hygiene.

In addition, customers could also see WDS’s Mogul plant Type 660 with chainless Guided PusherSystem for the production of all classic starch deposited articles, e.g. made of gum and jelly combing the proven Mogul technology with a modern, hygienic and easy-care drive system.

Furthermore, the company’s ConfecVARIO machine concept for production of chocolate and jelly articles has been designed with a high level of flexibility thanks to an innovative drive system and technologies for completely new plant layouts in combination with the chain-less multifunction cabinet VarioCABINET for cooling, heating and dwelling of polycarbonate moulds

Significantly, the company also showcased its new division, SweetOTC, dedicated to providing complete solutions for products with active ingredients. These are in full compliance with production regulations, as well as design details for individual planning and manufacture of qualified systems – from laboratory machinery to highly productive large-scale plants.

According to WDS, the virtual detailed animation of the plants was very well received by the participating audience and attracted a lively participation via live chat, so that many valuable contacts were made and questions discussed individually after the event.

“We are very pleased about the keen interest in our virtual showroom and the participation in our WDS Virtual Experience”, says Ralf Hübner and announces: “Therefore, we decided to make a record of the events available to interested people”. For further details, email [email protected] for additional information.

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