BDSI survey shows German consumers have retained their love of confectionery

A new survey from Germany’s BDSI confectionery trade association has found that 89% of people in the nation continue to enjoy sweets and snacks as one of the joys of everyday life, reports Neill Barston.

The organisation’s study asked for the views of more than 1,000 people, which found a broad range of personal preferences for individual product types within the confectionery market.

However, a love of three broader styles of snack can be identified in Germany, which included “both sweet and salty snacks” stated by (50%), while 31% favoured sweet snacks and 19% rated “salty snack” as favourites. However, whatever individual preferences, the defining quality that consumers sought was that products were perceived as being tasty.

As previously reported by Confectionery Production, Germany has been particularly notable in recent years for its major focus on delivering a sustainable cocoa sector serving its sweets and snacks industry, with consumers being perceived as particularly environmentally and socially aware of wider industry issues.

According to the BDSI, companies in the sector have been particularly proactive in engaging on sustainable sourcing, which help improve the living conditions of the small farmers and their families, especially in West African core producing nations of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Consequently, a significant number of German confectionery manufacturers participate in or even have their own projects and programs that enable communities to benefit from improved incomes, making cocoa cultivation more productive and more climate-resilient shape, protect the environment and combat deforestation as well as respecting the rights of all those in the supply chain.



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