Ferrero pushes forward with dairy supply chain sustainability programme

Ferrero has revealed its ongoing work to create a ‘dairy sustainability roadmap’ for its supply chains for its confectionery operations, including an insights programme developed with FAI Farms, reports, Neill Barston.

The company’s latest initiative forms part of its overall work examining its environmental performance in relation to ingredient sourcing including sourcing of cocoa and palm oil, as well as tackling deforestation.

As the company explained, it has developed a series of values for its ‘vision dairy’ programme, which is undergoing a pilot phases examining cow welfare, farm performance and environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, the business added that it is starting to work with a group of milk suppliers on the ground to assess current sustainability performance and needs. As a core part of this strategy, it has partnered with FAI Farms, a consultancy and research organisation dedicated to driving progress towards food sustainability.

The company acknowledged that scaling-up a comprehensive programme dedicated to animal welfare surrounding dairy supply chains was one of its most challenging objectives.

According to the business, ‘a multitude of sustainability issues need to be addressed,’ including  ensuring high standards of animal welfare, reducing carbon emissions and managing the impacts of dairy farming on water and biodiversity. It confirmed that it is taking a scientific and evidence-based approach to its policies.

Øistein Thorsen, CEO at FAI Farms says: “We are proud to work with Ferrero – a company which is serious about driving positive change in its supply chain using a sustainability strategy which is action orientated and informed and shaped by the latest science and evidence.”

Every year, FAI Farms provides Ferrero with the latest scientific research: a comprehensive review of the 100s of scientific papers recently published in the area of dairy sustainability and a report divided into the areas of Ethics, Environment and Economics.

Stefano Severi, Ferrero Responsible Sourcing team, added: “We really value FAI’s ability to translate the latest scientific research and best practice into tailored and practical strategies which can work for our business. Their insights are helping us improve our dairy sustainability strategy and focus in the right areas.”


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