Classic Cadbury’s Crème Egg tops poll of retro chocolates due for a retail revival

A growing trend for reviving nostalgic confectionery favourites has led to a study from online retail group – which found Cadbury’s original flavour Crème Egg is the most favoured candidate for a comeback.

The latest survey was conducted with 2,473 consumers, and came after the organisation noted that  Milky Way ‘Crispy Rolls’ have been reintroduced into boxes of Celebrations, to a positive reception.

Subsequently, the research group examined some of the most loved confectionery that has slipped from our shelves over the years, and came up with the top of the chocs for old favourites due a return.

The original Crème Egg recipe is what 87% of Brits would like to see back out there, which is unsurprising as there was uproar when the recipe was changed in 2015, and petitions regularly appear to reverse Cadbury’s decision.

While the Crispy Roll may be back in Celebrations, 73% of Brits want to see the Galaxy Truffle returned to the box of favourites. Though you can now buy a different kind of Galaxy truffles, the iconic red box is where Brits most want to see the classic treat back.

Meanwhile, in third place is the much sought after Mars Delight, which was discontinued in 2008. This bar has been described online as “the taste of childhood” and is remembered fondly, with 68% of Brits calling for its immediate return.

From there, the list includes Cadbury Dream (65%), white Maltesers (59%), Terry’s White (51%), Cadbury Marble (47%), Original Time Out Bar 42%, and Flake Snow, favoured by 31%.

The least popular treat is revealed to be the Texan Bar. Manufactured in the 1970s and 80s and brought back for a one-off release in 2005, the popularity of this bar clearly hasn’t carried, with the Texan only getting 24% of the vote. For more information on’s retail studies, visit the company’s website.



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  1. Tracy lowe says:

    I would love the Texan bar to come back – I don’t think you marketed enough as I know a large amount of people who loved this chocolate bar x

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