Guittard launches specialist 45% milk chocolate series

US-based Guittard Chocolate Company has unveiled a new 45% milk chocolate bar range for trade customers that it believes will span the divide between traditional milk chocolates, and semisweet varieties that start with 65% coco solids.

The company said its latest series would allow a greater ‘control and balance’ for pastry chefs and bakers’ and will be available through Guittard EU, with the dark milk aiming to deliver crème fraîche dairy notes and caramel-apple top notes with a distinct chocolate base. It follows a recent release from Cadbury of its own Dark Milk bar.

One of its key selling points is that its milk comes solely from Californian grass-fed cows, which is said to add a deep dairy note and luscious creamy texture. This commitment to sourcing quality ingredients is echoed through every element of Guittard’s operation, with sustainability and ethical partnerships at the core of the business. Guittard launched into the UK last year and is now used by world renowned chocolatier, Paul A. Young, Crosstown Doughnuts, Adam Handling and Lily Vanilli amongst others.

Founded in San Francisco in 1868 and celebrating their 150-year anniversary this year, Guittard Chocolate Company is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated chocolate making business in the United States. Today, it’s run by the 4th generation Guittard, CEO and chocolate maker Gary who is joined by his daughter Amy and nephew Clark heading up marketing and sales, respectively. Under them Guittard continues to raise the bar with their passion for honourable sourcing, crafting the highest quality chocolate, providing the best service, and setting new standards for the industry, an approach that is exemplified by its mission to Cultivate Better.

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