Emerging markets gain support from Sial global food trade fair

A broad range of speciality product ranges including confectionery and snacks from emerging markets such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Peru, Tunisia, and Mozambique will be showcased at this year’s Sial event in Paris, France.

The global food showcase, which takes place between 21-25 October, will support 26 budding markets through its Import Promotion Desk (IPD), along with the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing countries (CBI).

This will include a special focus on the IPD’s partner nation, Ethiopia, offering a series of products including spices, seeds and oilseed, that have wide application across the food chain, including for use within confectionery and bakery product ranges.

For its part, Ethiopian company Lovegrass will have the traditional cereal crop teff in its product portfolio at the event. The gluten-free cereal crop is grown in premium quality in Ethiopia, and there is a wide variety of ways in which its grain and flour can be processed. It is particularly favoured within the baking sector.

Tunisia and Egypt: date specialities
As the IPD explains, among other produce, Tunisia and Egypt are to present special date products (including chocolate covered varieties) at their respective national stands. The desert fruit is one of the real export hits for both North African countries.

In addition to dried fruit, the exhibitors from Egypt and Tunisia will showcase date products such as syrup, powder, jam, fruit spread, energy bars, and even caffeine-free date coffee made from the fruit kernels.

Meanwhile, the Colombia national stand features countries receiving IPD support for the processing of tropical fruit and its marketing as frozen food, freeze-dried or air-dried goods, or in pulp form. Thus, for example, the company Frutihelen makes fruit pulps from oranges, passion fruit and guanabana, Sero Colombia produces dried pineapples and bananas, and Colfrost will be bringing frozen mangos and avocados to Sial.

The exhibitors Abada and Kyrgyzcentrproduct from Kyrgyzstan have pulses as well as dried fruit such as apricots and plums on offer and special walnuts from the largest natural walnut forest in the world in their exhibition portfolio. In addition to its partner countries, the IPD also supports producers from Mozambique. The enterprises process cashew nuts and papayas and will be demonstrating the superior quality of their products at the show.

Live demonstrations

Among the other key businesses at Sial will be Finnish-based Valio, with its chefs on the stand to demonstrate how its versatile products and ingredients can be used to create healthy and delicious food, including confectionery product ranges.

The world’s most northern dairy co-operative is experienced in identifying upcoming food trends, and creates solutions that manufacturers globally can adapt to local market needs. The company’s products and food ingredients have been developed to meet demand for high quality, high protein, lactose free dairy.

Timo Pajari, SVP, food solution sales at Valio Oy, said: “With consumer demand for natural products that promote health and wellness, Valio responds with innovations made of pure Finnish, high-quality milk. Valio is a team of passionate food experts who constantly strive to push forward and create the most pioneering dairy products and solutions that help people eat better and, in turn, feel better.

“Our products address the latest health trends based on our in-depth market analysis and consumer insights. We also set high standards for our corporate social responsibility requirements, and are proud to have been voted the most sustainable company in Finland five years in a row.”



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