ColdBake technology enters next phase

Carritech Research has developed ColdBake technology for producing new ranges of sweet and savoury ‘baked’ foods that are capable of carrying heat sensitive ingredients that provide health, nutrition and medicinal benefits.

The company’s patented ‘disruptive’ technology is based on a combination of process technology and formulations. For the first time, it is now possible to produce snacks, biscuits and other crunchy foods that appear and taste as though they have been baked, yet which contain nutrients or medicines that would otherwise be destroyed in conventional baking or snack production.

The technology enables crunchy or chewy ‘carrier’ products to be produced typically at close to human body temperature, thereby preserving the functional properties of temperature sensitive ‘payloads’ – nutrients or medicines – contained within them. By applying ColdBake technology, Carritech is able to develop honeycomb textured nutrient- or medicine-enriched products that appear and taste as though they have been baked, but without using normal baking temperatures.

Concept prototypes include snack products, breakfast cereals and sports nutrition.
The research and development programme has established an extensive patent portfolio for ColdBake, with patents granted by the European Patent Office, South Africa, New Zealand & Mexico and pending in the US, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia.

The company is now taking the next step in commercialising the ColdBake technology and is in discussion with manufacturers. Carritech is also launching a crowdfunding campaign to attract funding to take the application of this novel technology to the next level.

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