Virtual reality brings an added perspective for business continuity

Evaluating the full global impact of the present coronavirus outbreak will take some considerable period to fully establish, as it continues to affect every aspect of our lives over the coming weeks, and probably months ahead.

The latest statement from the International Monetary Fund has projected that the world may well be heading for one of the worst global recessions that has ever been witnessed, with the UK economy alone predicted to be down 35% for the second quarter of 2020.

It’s hard not to be a little overwhelmed by such stark figures, but amid such bleak statements, businesses are doing their level best to lead a fightback against this most unwelcome turn of events that has already caused so much economic disruption and personal anguish.

One of the most notable initiatives is that of companies turning to technology to get them through these near-lockdown times in which global travel has been restricted in an unprecedented manner. Swiss headquartered Bühler has moved to stage a ‘virtual Interpack’ in light of the trade fair (along with many other over the coming few months), being either postponed or cancelled.

The global equipment and solutions provider will be offering a series of webinars, and digital learning sessions that will enable it to engage with customers as best as possible under the circumstances. Clearly, being proactive under the circumstances is surely the best possible course of action, as business, like wider world events, rarely, if ever stands still.

So, it is most likely the case that those companies who have worked hard to retain their customers amid immensely challenging times that are expected to be in the best shape ‘on the other side’ of the present situation we find ourselves in. It’s encouraging to see there are in fact a number of other examples of firms being equally engaging with industry, such as equipment and solutions business Tomra (pictured), which has devised digital showrooms for its company offices around the world in a bid to boost business continuity.

As mentioned in last week’s blog, it’s also heartening to see direct efforts to help those tackling the coronavirus crisis, which has produced a number of stories itself – including Mondelez International in the UK assisting with 3D printing for protection kit for medical staff, and similarly, British business Macpac directing its packaging operations towards creating visors for hospital use. It’s through such collective efforts that businesses and wider communities can pull together to contribute in helping resolve these extremely testing times.






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