IPACK-IMA show steals the limelight with record visitors

Having just received the results from this year’s IPACK-IMA event, it was encouraging to see how the trade show gained almost double the attendance of three years ago.

The event which concluded earlier this month in Milan attracted a total of over 68,000 visitors across its four days, and Confectionery Production was glad to play its part as a media partner.

While its focus was undeniably centred on the wider food sector in terms, there were some notable packaging systems processes applicable for confectionery unveiled that we’ll discuss in more detail for our July/August edition of the magazine.

From a personal perspective mine was only a flying visit to the show which I combined with other business in Italy, but it was one well-worth exploring.

There was a relaxed informality to the show that made it stand out as being particularly welcoming and bustling with plenty of activity across its varying halls.

Significantly, it was interesting to note that the success of this year’s IPACK-IMA was in part put down to its diverse range of visitors, with over 18,500 hailing from a total of 146 countries.

This in itself underlined the fact there is now a huge global spotlight on packaging as a market segment, with the focus being on devising ever more environmentally sensitive methods of production and design into creating new products.

Its certain to crop up as a significant theme for our next major show, IBA in Munich this autumn, where the introduction of ever-greater technology is driving the confectionery and bakery sectors forward in delivering the most energy efficient and highly-connected production lines possible.

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