Gluten-free trend marches on

Among major trends that are showing no signs of slowing down as we move rapidly forward into 2018 is the rise of gluten-free products within the snacks and bakery sector.

During the past few weeks I’ve received news of several significant studies on priorities within the industry, and development of products perceived as presenting a healthier option remain high on the research and development agenda.

As we have covered in Confectionery Production recently, Mintel research has shown that one in ten people now avoid gluten, rising to a figure of 15% if you also include wheat, meaning there is an increasing target market for baked goods and snacks that meet this increasing demand.

Another survey from ingredients business DuPont Nutrition has added weight to this trend. Its findings conclude that bakery manufacturers have plenty of scope to increase their product ranges.

But perhaps the key to the success of such products lies in just how well they match up to standard ranges – which has typically proved a challenge for many companies in how to retain similar flavour profiles while boosting nutritional values of products.

It appears that the likes of DuPont are hard at work on such issues, and as events such as last year’s Sudback in Germany revealed, interest from consumers in innovative health-conscious snack options is far from a passing trend.

With a number of key product launches expected within this growing segment, this year is likely to prove decisive for further establishing brands presence in this fast-evolving market.

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