LoveRaw plant-based chocolate calls for an end to World Vegan Month

Plant-based UK chocolate business LoveRaw has called for November’s established World Vegan Month to cancelled, amid claims consumers should support the movement all year round, writes Neill Barston.

In an open letter on its website, the company, which has its headquarters in Cheshire, explained that while the Vegan Society’s traditional annual event created in the 1990s must be considered a success, changes in buying behaviour have pointed towards longer-term patterns for shoppers in their buying preferences.

Therefore, LoveRaw has argued that consumers should become ‘Unvegan Vegans’ a term it has coined to define those who embrace the plant-based diet, all the time, or some of the time, and understands that new plant-based products mean that going vegan isn’t about losing out on taste or health, as the brand says on its website, “Everyday people vegans who liked their treats to taste like treats”.

As the company noted, Brits are eating more plant-based products than ever before and the meat-free and vegan-dairy markets have doubled in size over the past five years and are now worth just under £600m each.

With the vegan market delivering a broad array of products, including within the confectionery sector,  LoveRaw believed that many of these ranges across the food sector beat the traditional variety on taste, health and environmental impact, meaning that a plant-based diet no longer needs to be about sacrificing something.

Rimi Thapar, Founder of LoveRaw says: “We’re not cancelling being vegan. We just think there are so many great brands serving you delicious plant-based options it should be all year round.

“At LoveRaw, we say why be perfect just for one month when being imperfect all year round is better? We call this being an Unvegan Vegan. Being an Unvegan Vegan 24/7, 365 has a huge impact and it’s not a big “all-in-one-go” approach which can be daunting to start and difficult to keep up!

“We think the Vegan Society did an amazing job of launching World Vegan Month back in 1994 and the movement has come a long way, but vegan options are now more easily accessible, they taste way better and it has never been easier to embrace plant-based options into daily life.”

Started by husband-and-wife team Rimi and Manav Thapar in 2013 with a budget of just £600, LoveRaw has strong principles of only making products which are ethical and sustainable with no artificial nonsense or palm oil. LoveRaw has three unique ranges: Cre&m Wafer Bars, Butter Cups and M:lk Choc Bars.

Each are designed to smash the taste buds with flavour and can be enjoyed by anyone, whether they’re extremely vegan, sometimes vegan, ‘unvegan vegan’ or just vegan curious.


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