Tazzy Candy’s vegan lollipop start-up on a mission to shake-up market

The founders of US-based women owned and operated confectionery start-up Tazzy Candy have proclaimed a mission of reviving the lollipop market with a new sugar-free vegan series ‘explosive flavours,’ writes Neill Barston.

As 29-year-old co-founders Delia Hughes and Lindsay Simon explain, their brand aims to bringing hard candy back in guilt-free form, intending to disrupt the better-for-you confectionery space with alternative sweets developed with vibrant, unconventional tastes.

The pair admit that it took something of a leap of faith to set-up their business, but after strong initial signs, they’re set to consider expanding their flavour range even further into sweet and sour offerings.

“Our obsession with candy started over 10 years ago, when Delia and I met in college,” said Lindsay. “We were studying Food Science and became close friends after joining a candy laboratory for school credit. We were always brainstorming products we would create if we ever owned our own candy business, but as many college graduates do, we entered the corporate world. I worked in brand management at Hain Celestial and Unilever, and Delia joined Sam’s Club and Atalanta as a cheese buyer/importer.”

“Still, we found ourselves returning to the candy world. We were hard core candy lovers, but also getting into health & wellness, which is a conflicting combo to say the least,” Delia added. “Lindsay would buy “better-for-you” candy and complain they lacked flavour and had funky textures. My issue was I always ate snacks too quickly. We were just never satisfied.”

“And finally, after countless kitchen nightmares and late nights, we had a product that was juicy, delicious, and long-lasting. So, we took a leap of faith, left our corporate jobs, and launched Tazzy Candy,” said Lindsay.

Their unconventional flavours are curated specifically for an adult palate with recipes that balance sweetness and allow the natural fruit flavours to shine through. These ingredients leave a uniquely clean mouthfeel that is beloved by the Tazzy fan following.

The company launched with the classic lollipop format to bring fun and nostalgia back into the lives of adult candy lovers. “During the day, we’ll eat these lollipops as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but by night, you’ll find us crafting jazzed-up cocktails with these pops as stirrers,” said Hughes.

Next month, Tazzy Candy will be launching “Do Good” Acai Berry Lollipops in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The “Do Good” pops were created in partnership with the duo’s two friends, Jacquie and Kerry, who were diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2020, and METAvivor, a non-profit organisation dedicated to Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) research and awareness. 10% of the net proceeds of each “Do Good” purchase will be donated to METAvivor. The brand is available at Tazzy.co

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