Packaging specialist Macpac launches new sustainability campaign

UK packaging specialist Macpac has launched a dedicated campaign delivering a personalised and key sustainability message for its sector customer base, as it continues its drive to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions for sectors including confectionery markets.

As the Stockport-based business explained, its customised newsletters will explore the changing packaging legislation policies and how these could affect companies’ operations, and will address issues designing product ranges that meet fast-evolving industry requirements.

The newsletter is set to cover imminent new legislation as Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR, the Plastic Packaging Tax coming next April applying to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, (with the business asserting its packaging has a minimum of 80% recycled content). Other aspects covered will be the Deposit Return Scheme (DR) and increasing consistency in kerbside collection.

As the company added, it has been keen to engage with developing notable systems for the industry including last year unveiling its Breakdown PET packaging (below) – which are fully recyclable and fast-acting bio-degradable R-PET offering the same characteristics as conventional R-PET but with the key benefit of accelerated decomposition within a few years. The business has continued to work with a number of enterprises operating within the confectionery and bakery market.


Furthermore, the company has a dedicated section on its website (pictured main image) covering designing packaging for sustainability and offering advice on the best choice of materials to empower customers to propose the best possible solutions to their clients. The business has also set itself sustainability goals to reduce environmental impact, which include the use of recycled materials, efficient production, zero-waste-to-landfill, renewable energy, carbon footprint.

One solution the business has honed in on for the confectionery sector is the potential for Wax Melt moulds, which the company believes has some untapped potential as a sustainable form of packaging.

A spokesperson for the company added: “Due to lockdown and the furlough scheme a number of budding entrepreneurs have started up small cottage industries to generate more income and wax melts because of the manageable, low outlay has been one of these sectors to see a rise in demand for packaging. Consequently, we have has seen a number of new contacts visiting the website looking for moulds – many considering use of the Christmas tree moulds as they plan their Christmas stock.” For more information visit

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