Mars reduces bar size for 100 calorie range, instead of reformulation

Mars Wrigley has delivered a key move in offering reduced sizes of its Twix, Mars and Snickers lines to deliver 100 calorie or less options, in preference to recipe reformulation of the core lines, writes Neill Barston.

While original versions of the bars will still be available for purchase, the company said its decision had been based on growing demand from consumers for options that are perceived as being healthier.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, its research has revealed that there has been a 6% year-on-year growth in the snacking category, but shoppers are now more discerning than ever about their choices. Nearly 50% of consumers consider the portion size of snacks when they are looking to buy, and 1 in 4 say that calorie labelling impacts their purchase decisions.

In response, the development of its new Mars, Snickers and Twix bars have been designed with the same recipes, and while acknowledging that the wider industry is focused on reformulation, it claimed research showed 68% of shoppers have said they would rather have less of a favourite chocolate than a larger  amount of a low-sugar options. The latest lines have a recommended retail price of  £0.40 for the single bars and £2.79 for the multipacks.

Kerry Cavanaugh, company marketing director, said: “Our new 100 calorie format gives consumers their favourite brands original recipes but in a size that is a meaningful snacking choice. This new range is for consumers who want a sweet treat but in a smaller portion size. These chocolate bars are perfect for the 68% of Brits who have said they would rather have less of their favourite chocolate than a larger amount of a lower-sugar chocolate.”



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