Mars files patent for chocolate with greater resistance to melting

Scientists at Mars have made what could prove a notable product breakthrough in filing a patent for a type of chocolate that has greater resistance to melting in higher temperatures – making it viable for nations with warmer climates. Neill Barston reports.

The company has stated that using organic sugar sweeteners known as Polyols an alternative to cocoa butter (which typically melt at around 37 degrees) will enable the development of a new range of confectionery.

It is believed the use of such an alternative ingredient would solve the dilemma of chocolate melting and degrading in heat, resulting in consumers in producing nations in particular, not having access to finished products that are sourced from their own nations, including within Africa.

Both Mars and Nestle have previously filed similar previous patents dating from 2012, but as yet, commercial products have yet to emerge from these efforts, but it is hoped by industry observers that this latest patent attempt will prove viable for the industry.

Within the latest patent, the company noted that the issue of chocolate melting points remained critical: “With a defined melting point very close to 37 degrees, cocoa butter provides the desirable melting profile on ingestion and is thus a great component of the desired overall consumption experience.

“However, what is a desirable trait from the consumer’s point of view is not necessarily a positive attribute from the point of view of manufacturing, transportation, or handling. For example, the ability of chocolate candies to melt quickly and completely at 37 degrees may become a storage and product quality concern, particularly in geographies where the ambient temperature is above 37 degrees. These concerns may be exacerbated in regions where economic circumstances are not favourable for the widespread use of refrigerated storage.”

It has been reported that Polyols as well as being capable of withstanding greater heating points, it has been reportedly intended that any new confectionery ranges would also feature heat-resistant packaging. There has been no formal release date given for developing the potential chocolate series.


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