British brands join forces for Posters for the People campaign

A wide range of key British brands, including confectionery and snacks businesses such as McVitie’s, Montezuma’s chocolate and Graze, are joining forces to help offer messages of encouragement and hope amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK’s Posters for the People campaign, which will launch at 6pm on 23 April, nearly one month after the start of the lockdown, stresses the importance of coming together as a country and hopes to put a smile on the faces of every member of the British public.

More than 70 brands have already got behind the initiative, including household names such as Evian, Addison Lee, Burt’s Snacks and Bacardi.

All are using the combined reach of their social channels to post the striking messages created by renowned artist Tyler Spangler, with the hashtag #postersforthepeople. The messages are also running across major digital outdoor sites in Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and London, including the famous giant ‘Crominator’ site on the Cromwell Road, with space donated by Clear Channel.

Jon Goulding, CEO of Atomic London, who helped create the project, said: “Brands have a huge influence on our lives and it’s clear that they want to use that influence to help people to feel good and highlight the importance of what they’re doing.

“I want to thank all the brands that have been involved in this initiative. They have all taken the time to put their work to one side and help bring a bit of positivity to our communities by sharing the fantastic artwork of Tyler Spangler across their social channels.”

Digital artist Spangler, who uses his education in psychology to create positive feelings through vibrant colours and typography, agreed to develop bespoke pieces of art free of charge for the campaign. The project was also brought to life with the help of business development consultancy, Entourage BD.

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