Brazilian companies report results upturn at Sweets and Snacks Expo

Results from Brazilian companies appearing at this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo have shown they made  $1.34 million in business, with an expected US$12.35 million to be closed in the next 12 months.

The total of $13.69 million, it represents an increase of almost 18% compared to results obtained last year, when $2.33 million were sold at the fair, with another $9.25 million from a business perspective to be closed in the next 12 months.

The Brazilian delegation at SNS, held from May 21 to 23, was gathered at the Brazil Pavilion, organised by ABICAB (Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

The wide range of new contacts made by Brazilian companies, which reached 160 out of 244, is another indicator of the expansion of sales. These positives outcomes are the result of investments and innovation in the portfolio of products presented at Brasil Pavilion, which received visitors from different regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic, China, Palestine, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Angola, Ecuador and Trinidad and Tobago.

Among the companies celebrating good outcomes in Chicago are:

Riclan expects to increase its export turnover by around $1 million as a direct outcome of the business conducted at the fair. “We had at least 10 good contacts with good business prospects,” says Luis Fiorio, the company’s international sales executive. He notes that the tariff war between the US and China has favoured the company in the American market. “The Americans are looking at other regions, and our branch stands out because in the food sector, Brazil is one of the strongest,” he says. The company invested about $2 million to increase output capacity, with an expansion of the industrial plant in five thousand square meters and reached exports of $18.7 million in 2018.

“We should increase our export revenues by 5% and 10% as a result of our participation in SNS,” says Gilberto Lima, Peccin’s international business manager. The company produces Trento, which is one of the best-known Brazilian chocolates in the foreign market. “In the American market, chocolate is the great challenge, because this is the country of great products, big brands, and the industry is very closed,” says the executive. The company has launched four new product platforms in Chicago: Mini-Trento, Trento Nero, Trento Cheesecake and Trento Bites. These new features are the result of investments of R$40 million (about US$ 10.6 million).

The traditional chocolate manufacturer Garoto has made about 50 new contacts at the fair and thus expects to significantly expand its North American business as result. “Our expectation is very good, with new packaging presentations and flavours especially developed for the American market. Thus, we expect to quadruple our current sales in the US”, says Ricardo Rocha, the company’s export manager. The company showed in Chicago, among others, new products of the line Talento – Dark Chocolate with Passionfruit Layer 50% and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Layer 50%.

Granó showed in Chicago four new roasted and crunchy granola snacks, all 100% Whole Grain Certified: Snack Granola Amazonia Acai Berry; Snack Granola Amazonia Brazil Nut and Coconut; Snack Granola Amazonia Banana and Honey; Snack Granola Amazonia Dark Chocolate. “We made about 20 contacts, among the most promising, are possible clients from Mexico, Canada and the US,” says Luiz Perondi, the company’s international sales manager.

Meanwhile, Embaré made nearly 30 new contacts at SNS, mainly from countries of Central America and the Caribbean, and has good prospects for expanding the company’s presence in the USA. “Especially on the west coast of the country, where we are not yet present,” says André Felipe Antunes, export manager of the group, which specialises in sweets and dairy products. It is expected that the company will be able to increase export revenues by 20% in the next 12 months as a result of participating at SNS.

In addition, Emex Business, a Toffano’s representative (candy and lollipops) and Kuky (jelly beans and gummies), forecasts an increase of about $1.5 million in revenue over the next 12 to 18 months from meetings in Chicago. It made new contacts and started new partnerships not only in the US but also in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Exporting to almost 40 countries, Jazam predicts an increase of about 5% in its exports as a result of the trip to Chicago. “The fair this year was widely positive, and we believe that we will soon be entering the American market due to the participation in the event,” says Regiane Zambon, the company’s president. She adds that promising contacts have also been made with representatives from countries such as Canada and Puerto Rico. The company presented at SNS the Croc Churros – Churro bar flavour with dulce de leche filling, an industrialised version of the traditional sweet churro, in which the product is roasted instead of fried.

Berbau started partnerships in Chicago not only in the US and Central America, but also in Africa and the Middle East. Among the group’s biggest attractions at the fair were its line of Megalito Cookies & Cream lollipops with chocolate chewy candy; Pop Moranguinho lollipops with Strawberry flavour filled with strawberry flavour bubble gum; and filled candies Delicia Range with condensed Milk, Chocolate, Coconut, Cashew Nut flavours. “We noticed a great acceptance of our products at the fair and we made about 20 contacts, half of them with a clear possibility of starting immediate business,” said international business manager Daniela Pernambuco.

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