Bell Flavors and Fragrances delivers 30% reduced sugar application for bakery

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has launched its REDsugar functional taste solution designed for sugar reduction within a number of markets including bakery and ice cream product applications.

The company, which offers a broad range of ingredients solutions has placed its focus on devising natural, clean label product developments with less or low sugar content, reportedly achieving at least 30% reduction rates.

Its team of flavourists, creation, application technologists and sensory experts has developed a range of natural flavours, that is able to keep the products’ taste and appeal when lowering sugar. As an active ingredient, it not only acts responsible for the sweetness-perception, but also impacts other major sensory attributes within the products’ formulation.

Combining its flavour house expertise in delivering intense, high-quality and satisfying product properties, Bell´s “REDsugar” flavours therefore help to keep complex matrixes within the applications by reacting with existing structures. This strongly helps to close the “sugar gap” and to maintain mouthfeel, taste and texture, while delivering a positive impact on the sweet perception of a product.

As a result, the sugar content can be decreased by at least 30%, depending on the application. The taste solutions have been successfully tested in a variety of segments and applications, such as soft drinks, near and flavoured water, yoghurt and dairy products, ice cream as well as bakery products.

Based on natural raw materials, the company’s flavour developments are said to mimic the molecular composition of sugar, while being in line with market requirements, consumer expectations and clean label restrictions. Furthermore, all products are designed to fulfil high-quality industry standards and can be declared as free from sweeteners and artificial sweeteners, free from steviol glycosides and free from stevia extract.

According to market data, almost 90% of global consumers pay attention to sugar, sweeteners or related claims when choosing food and drinks. Growing aspirations for healthy food varieties and increasing concerns on sugar intake are driving the food and beverage industry to respond with reformulation of products or new developments based on less or low sugar.

At the same time, governments, including the UK, have set up taxes on sugar-sweetened products, making reformulation inevitable in many Western European countries. The industry is therefore facing challenges, as successful products need to be adapted using less sugar, while still meeting high expectations regarding naturalness, indulgence and sensory attributes.

Furthermore, consumers are looking for natural ingredients and the substitution of artificial sweeteners. They react highly attentive towards the type of sugar substitution used in reformulated products and are very likely to accept a combination of less sugar and natural sweeteners over a sugar free, but artificially sweetened formula.

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