Chr. Hansen launches natural white food colour

So far producers of panned confectionery products such as chewing gum and chocolate dragees have had no option but to colour their products with titanium dioxide (E171 in Europe), a titanium-derived white colour produced by synthesis.

Now Chr. Hansen has introduced a unique natural alternative based on calcium carbonate, which is classified in Europe as a food colour (E170) and as a natural colour by NATCOL, the Natural Food Colours Association. Currently in the US, calcium carbonate is classified as a food additive and can be applied as a coating agent.

Ji Hoong Too, business development manager for confectionery and ice cream at Chr. Hansen’s Color Division, says, “Confectionery companies that are working on shifting to natural colours now have the opportunity to include the panned confectionery category in the shift.”

CapColors White 100 WSS-P is launched in Europe now and later in the US and in Asia. It is an extension of the CapColors range that use encapsulation technology for increased resistance to light, pH and oxidation, making them perfect for applications where bright colour is essential. Their increased intensity and brightness ensures that the standardised natural colours to withstand the demanding food production processes.

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