Enhanced Flowmodul from Gerhard Schubert set for Pack Expo

Upgraded features for the Flowmodul flow wrapping packaging system will be among the core focuses for German-based manufacturer Gerhard Schubert at Pack Expo in Chicago, America.

As the company explained, thanks to a new, patented heat-sealing technology, heat-sensitive products can now be packaged even more gently in flow-wrap bags.

The Flowmodul layout on exhibit at the international event between October 14-17, corresponds to the latest model variant, which stands out with its enhanced accessibility.

Additionally, visitors to the fair will have an opportunity to learn about the high-level versatility of the robot tools the packaging machine manufacturer has developed.

Precisely adapted to product-specific applications, they significantly contribute to the flexibility of the TLM machines. Schubert will also be informing visitors on the many advantages of its comprehensive service portfolio and web-based GRIPS.world customer platform, which ensures high plant availability.

In addition to its appearance at Pack Expo, the company will be showcasing equipment at the FachPack packaging event in Nuremberg between 25-27 September.

This will include a debut for its new cartonpacker – a machine from Schubert’s new lightline range. The new range consists of a single module and handles carton packaging in the smallest of spaces – with all the expected high quality and efficiency of a TLM system.
The company now provides an attractive and affordable solution with a fast delivery time for packaging tasks that require less flexibility, that consist of only a few product and format variants.


New sealing technology for the Flowmodul

As for its Flowmodul, the latest model variant of the component features an even more open machine layout, which further facilitates accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.

Additionally, the company now offers an even more extensive selection of possible sealing technologies. This enables customers to choose the most suitable processes for their products.

In the case of hot-seal films, the Flowmodul adapts to the variable speeds of the upstream F44 robots, without this having an effect on the seal quality or the tightness of the flow-wrap bags.

The patented flying transverse sealing unit used here is highly flexible and ensures that the sealing times remain constant. If hermetically sealed packages are required, the sealing time can be set accordingly.

As the company explained, the machine exhibited at PackExpo is equipped with this new, quickly-adjusted heat-sealing technology. The exhibit will package mixpacks with two different products – one biscuit each with white chocolate and one with brown chocolate. The machine achieves an output of 250 products or 125 flow-wrap bags per minute.

Alternatively, the flow-wrapping machine can be provided with a non-rotating ultrasonic longitudinal sealing unit, which is especially suitable for films with high barrier effect. Both systems are characterised by low heat development, which makes them ideally suited for heat-sensitive products such as chocolate.

With the Flowmodul, the company offers a flow-wrapping component with which the packaging of products in flow-wrap bags can be fully integrated into the packaging machine manufacturer’s modular machine concept. Thanks to the uniform machine control of the TLM system and the flow-wrapping component, operation is user-friendly.

The flow-wrapping component can be operated together with the entire line via a single HMI interface. The Flowmodul is supplemented by standard Schubert components such as the image recognition system, which ensures that only perfect products enter the feed chain. If the product needs to be placed in a carton or plastic tray, this function can be easily implemented with an additional sub-machine.

Another focus for Schubert at the trade fair will be on the robotic tools it develops and manufactures. The exceptional modularity of the TLM technology makes it easy to use a TLM system to adapt to future requirements: when changing products and formats, only the robot tools need to be adapted or exchanged.

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