Omega Ingredients develops natural vanilla alternatives

In response to the ongoing worldwide vanilla crisis, natural flavours specialist Omega Ingredients has developed a vanilla flavour and an extract, both of which are 100% natural.

The worldwide vanilla crisis, which has seen prices for vanilla surge due to bad weather in Madagascar (where over 80% of the world’s vanilla supply is produced), has led many manufacturers to look for alternative methods of flavouring.

Now the world’s second most expensive spice, vanilla bean prices have increased to $450-$500 a kilo, up from around $100 per kg in 2015, leading many companies to look for alternatives to acquiring their own beans.

Designed to meet all EU legislation, both the newly developed vanilla extract and the flavour are said to be high quality, entirely natural and continue to be applicable in all ways that vanilla can be used, including confectionery and baking applications.

According to Omega Ingredients, not only is natural vanilla much deeper and richer in flavour with no chemical aftertaste, but it is high in antioxidants. Imitation vanilla will often contain vanillin, a main component of vanilla beans but being non-natural, may be derived from chemical synthesis or indeed as a by-product of wood pulp processing. The flavour and extract also allows customers to produce clean label descriptions on pack.

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