Pecan Deluxe extends fudge range

Inclusions specialist Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) is helping to meet consumer demand for salted caramel, with the launch of two new additions to its fudge range.

The extended fudge selection offers a range of salt levels and a sea salt option for adding to ice cream or as sundae toppings. The bake stable properties of two of the fudges also make them suitable for baked treats such as pastries, puddings, traybakes and cookies.

The products can be coated in fat for use in chilled or frozen desserts, for example, or add an indulgent touch with chocolate coating.

Pecan Deluxe says the latest fudges have been developed and launched in direct response to demand from food manufacturers for a greater choice of ingredients in salted caramel flavours.

R&D director Liz Jones explains, “Every season sees the emergence of experimental new flavour combinations but many have a brief lifespan until the next innovation – chilli chocolate, anyone? Salted caramel has endured like few other flavour combinations, its secret being the layered contrast: the caramel sweetness sends energy signals to our brain, whilst the salt is interpreted as a compound that our system needs to function – and of course it’s a flavour enhancer as long as the sweet/salty proportions are just right.

“Salted caramel was first invented nearly 40 years ago by a chocolatier called Henri Le Roux, based in Brittany, France, which was famed for its high quality salted butter, and it’s still going strong. We’ll doubtless still see crazy new flavour combinations come to market each year but salted caramel has an enduring appeal that’s hard to beat, and we’re delighted to provide new ingredients that will help manufacturers meet demand and maintain its popularity across multiple market sectors.”

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