Sensient extends colouring food range

Sensient Food Colors Europe is extending its colouring food range with the addition of yellow and orange shades for use in sweet and savoury applications.

The colouring food products, which are suitable for confectionery, dairy and bakery products, as well as snacks, fully comply with the EU Guidance notes on Colouring Foods.

The orange preparation is also available in oil soluble form for colouring fat or oil based applications such as coatings, fillings, decorations, sauces and inclusions.

Sensient says the colour hues of the colouring foods make it possible to achieve vibrant yellow and orange shades without the need for colour additives.

Various sweet flavours can be matched, ranging from lemon, banana, pineapple, and melon through to apricot, peach, mandarin, orange, papaya and tropical fruits.

“All the new colouring food products have been rigorously and extensively tested in the corresponding applications and demonstrate a consistent, superior performance, providing attractive end product shade results,” said Dr Andreas Klingenberg, technical director at Sensient Food Colors Europe.

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