Almost time for the industry to shine at Anuga FoodTec

With production deadlines upon us, this week’s update comes amid a particularly busy schedule as we prepare our next edition and gear up for AnugaFoodTec in Cologne.

Having enjoyed ISM and ProSweets in the German city just a matter of six weeks ago, a lot has happened within that relatively brief period of time, and it’s been rewarding to make contact with a number of you from across the industry and hear of your company news and developments.

But please don’t be shy in coming forward with any relevant product, trend or wider insights that will help drive the magazine forward as we move further into 2018.

As I mentioned previously, being held only once every three years, Anuga is likely to prove one of the most significant this year for the overall food and drink sector, which continues to develop at a rapid-rate in terms of technology and trends.

According to its organisers, the show, which starts next Tuesday, will have several core areas of focus, including making the best use of resources in terms of equipment and industry best practice.

There’s also a heightened focus on the environment, with a number of initiatives coming to the fore in terms of recycling and tackling the significant amount of food waste that still remains an issue for the wider food sector.

Then there’s the other major shift upwards for demand for products featuring colours, with a number of companies setting out their stalls within this segment of the market with some smart solutions that are expected to make a real impact.

So there will be plenty for us to cover with our review edition in May, and if anyone would like to meet up at the show with product news within our sectors of confectionery and bakery, get in touch with me by the end of this week. Enjoy the show.

Contact me with your show news and details of potential trends at [email protected] or on Twitter @confectionprod

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