Feeling nostalgic

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of commercial artisan confectionery manufacturer Champion & Reeves, who have recreated a product no longer in production.

The Shropshire, UK-based company have brought back Callard & Bowser nougat products, refining the recipe so the products are free from gluten, gelatin, palm oil, artificial flavours and preservatives.

Champion & Reeves claims it is the only confectionery company in the world to add both blanched almonds and roasted pistachio to its nougat and include three times more premium honey than its competitors. The company also believes it is the only UK commercial manufacturer of traditional butterscotch, using real butter, as opposed to butterscotch flavouring.

It has recently moved from its factory in Shrewsbury to a new one in the same area, and is hoping to launch new products in the coming weeks using new machines. Champion & Reeves prides itself on being made in Britain, with each product featuring the Made in Britain logo.

Look out for a full review of the factory visit in one of our upcoming issues. For September, we have features on bakery technology equipment, gelling agents and printing and branding, as well as a product focus on artisan products and a show preview for PPMA 2017.

Last of all, we’d just like to remind our clients that our Supplier Profile issue is fast-approaching so if you’d like to be included then please email Frankie Savage. The deadline for artwork and editorial is 29 August.

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