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A range of proficient ingredients from Norevo’s development and production is offered to fit the market versatility in terms of sensory innovations, technological care and emerging quality trends. At ProSweets 2016 we will therefore lay emphasis on our declaration-friendly whitening agent Quick White to replace titanium dioxide in sugar-coated dragees and on our ready-to-use, food-grade adhesive Quick Coll to stabilize and polish spicy coatings on nuts and snacks. At the same time we will introduce our first organic-certified Confectionery Performers Quick Shine and Quick Coat with their respective polishing and gumming functionality for panned goods with the organic label. Our technical support around the full range of our Confectionery Performers stretches from the assistance we provide to our customers for their product developments to the accompaniment we offer to solve specific production challenges.

For more information visit Norevo’s Booth D44/E45, Hall 10.1 at Prosweets.

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