Kinder brand voted chocolate product of the year by US consumers

Ferrero’s major Kinder brand is in celebratory mood within the US, after having been voted the 2024 Product of the Year award within the chocolate category, writes Neill Barston.

The accolades, which are voted for by a total of 40,000 American shoppers in a survey from the Kantar insights group, have gained real prominence for being the largest of their kind for gauging the public’s perception of industry innovations across a number of segments,

Kinder Chocolate, a top selling Kinder branded product, arrived in the U.S. this past fall, joining the brand’s current portfolio of Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno, and Kinder Seasonal products. Simply made with an outer layer of smooth milk chocolate with a creamy, milky filling, it’s a delicious treat that comes in small, individually wrapped bars, making it great for kids and perfect for families to enjoy together anytime.

As part of its national debut, the brand launched its “Let That Kid Flag Fly” campaign to champion quality moments of togetherness between parents and kids. The campaign was inspired by the brand’s groundbreaking parenting study, which identified six distinct modern parenting styles and recognized that regardless of individual parenting style, 93% of parents today agree it’s important that kids get a chance to be kids.

“Having just hit shelves in the U.S. this past September, we are thrilled to see Kinder Chocolate already receiving this extraordinary recognition. We hope that families everywhere continue to find those small, meaningful moments of connection while sharing a delicious pack of Kinder Chocolate and truly let those Kid flags fly,” said Shalini Stansberry, Vice President of Marketing, Kinder Snacking.


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