Ferrero unveils a feast of festive treats for Christmas 2023

Ferrero has unveiled a host of festive treats for the Christmas season including a grand assortment of chocolates, special edition Nutella glass jars and Keebler Fudge Stripes gingerbread cookies in a limited edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Elf movie, writes Neill Barston.

Confectionery Production was on hand to see the company’s full portfolio of lines at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, US, which made some notable product strides, yet as the company explained, they’ve kept back some seasonal surprises for consumers.

“The holiday season is about making memories and our robust lineup of festive, limited-edition products can be the catalyst in helping loved ones do just that,” said Jim Klein, Chief Customer Officer, Ferrero North America. “Whether families want to celebrate every day in December with the Kinder Holiday Mix Countdown Calendar or bake something delicious with Nutella, there are so many opportunities to create magical holiday moments with Ferrero.

Among its core highlights for Christmas 2023 are its Ferrero Collection Grand Assortment, an indulgent series of chocolates that features two new additional flavours; Cappuccino, a creamy, luscious filling combining the distinctive flavour of coffee alongside milk, encased within a crunchy shell. It also includes Manderly, a crunchy specialty with a velvety hazelnut creamy filling, with a core almond taste. In addition, it also features its traditional Ferrero Rocher, and Raffaello (a California white almond and coconut from the Pacific Islands). Available in 12 and 24 counts.

Fans of the Kinder brand will not miss out this season with a special Holiday Mix Countdown Calendar, providing a perfect countdown to the big day. Behind its doors lie Hollow Figures, chocolate Mini Eggs, Kinder Chocolate, Happy Hippo and Schoko Bons. Furthermore, the brand is also offering its  Chocolate Mini Friends Creamy Milk Chocolate range.

For its major Nutella brand, the company is releasing its Glass Holiday jars, which will be available in the US for the first time in unique designs that have a collectable element to them.

Among its most prominent releases this season is the Keebler Fudge Stripes Elf Gingerbread Cookies, which are being delivered in  partnership with Warner Bros. These feature the sweet taste of gingerbread, complemented by white fudge, marking the 20th anniversary of the much-loved Elf movie. These feature four unique designs based on fan-favourite scenes from the film.



Furthermore, the company is also offering Tic Tac Naughty Mints, which include Sour Cherry Lumps of Coal to help you tell your friends that they have made the naughty list, though for those who’ve been good this year, then there’s also a sweet candy cane option.

The company hasn’t stopped there, with special seasonal additions of the Ferrero Rocher gift box, Kinder Joy Holiday Eggs, Kinder Bueno Mini Share pack, Royal Dansk winter cookie collection, Mother’s Reindeer Games cookies, as well as Chicago’s Fannie May brand unveiling its Peppermint S’mores Chocolatiers Mix for good measure, as part of a comprehensive season of confectionery goodwill to all.



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