Exhibitors join the ranks of the World Confectionery Conference 2023 edition

For this year’s World Confectionery Conference, beyond our high-calibre speaker programme, we also have a number of exhibitors participating at our much-anticipated event, writes Neill Barston.

Designed as a meeting point for the entire confectionery sector, this year’s core themes including a continuing focus on sustainability across the industry, as well as business resilience and innovation.

So, our exhibitors are due to offer an additional spotlight on varying aspects of the sector, from ingredients and systems, through to the latest equipment and technology being utilised by manufacturers.

For our 2023 event, being held at the Harrogate Convention Centre, Yorkshire, UK on October 5, the list includes a return for Irish-headquartered Kerry, which has continued to develop a broad range of ingredients solutions for the confectionery sector. Indeed, the business claimed an accolade within our awards section of the event for the quality of its innovation, and is set to showcase some of its latest prospects for this year.

Also, within the segment, GNT, the colouring foods specialist is set to exhibit, offering insights into its established Exberry line, which is continuing to evolve with new shades and applications. The business will also be represented as a keynote speaker by its technical sales manager, Alison Donaldson. This year’s show will also feature an ingredients showcase from Cargill, which has a broad range of applications for the chocolate and cocoa market.

Another notable contributor from the sector will be Denmark’s Palsgaard, which has a strong track record of innovation for the industry, devising solutions across confectionery, snacks and bakery series.

In addition, representing another key ingredient area, the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company, will also be on hand to offer details and insights into its work as part of Cocobod, the West African nation’s core body for the cocoa market serving the confectionery industry.

For its part, MacIntyre, which is also a keynote speaker at this year’s conference, will be offering attendees the chance to discuss some of its chocolate processing systems in greater detail, with the business having been hard at work enhancing its established refiner/conches.

The equipment sector is also represented by JJA Pack, which is specialised in liquid filling and chocolate handling lines, and it is welcomed to our event as a first-time exhibitor.

Baker Perkins, which will also be returning to speak at this edition of the show, is set to be among our exhibitors, with the business having enjoyed a particularly busy period in terms of its depositing and moulding machinery developed for the confectionery market.

As regards finished product, this year’s event will see an appearance from UK-based Sweet Dreams confectionery. The company has steadily grown over the past decade from its core Choc Nibbles brand, and expanded into premium chocolate, as seen with its new Gozo series, which is set to be under the spotlight for this year’s edition. The business is also represented as a speaker at the show.

Last, but by no-means least, with sustainability at the heart of this year’s conference, it is perhaps fitting that it is closed by Farmforce, which is continuing its work with a wide range of businesses in ensuring they improve their environmental policies and approaches.
Exhibition space is still available at this year’s show, so contact Chris Meer for further details at [email protected] For a fuller breakdown of our event programme, visit our dedicated website at www.confectioneryconference.com

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