WDS machinery creates new US division ahead of Pack Expo show

German-headquartered machinery business Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen(WDS) is set to showcase its extensive range of equipment at Pack Expo in Chicago, as the business establishes a new US subsidiary, WDS America, reports Neill Barston.

The company explained the move for a specific additional base would enable the business to better serve its regional customers with its broad range of systems that include building moulding plants for jellies and chocolates.

As the firm explained, recent advances have meant that starchless production technology has been used very successfully for the manufacturing of jellies – with the business taking advantage of the rapidly growing market for OTC gums and jellies with its high demands for hygienic production plants.

The company revealed it has made notable strides within moulding processes, explaining that while a few years ago silicone technology with all its limits was clearly favoured, a change towards polycarbonate moulds allowed the development of a completely new, modern, clean and highly efficient plant technology for fruit gum manufacturing, which has its roots in the moulding of chocolates: WDS´ starchless plants are characterised by precise cavity spraying, exact mass depositing and absolutely ordered demoulding.

Furthermore, another key focus on PackExpo is on the WDS Mogul plants, which have been developed with a strong focus on efficiency and productivity.

As the company added, it holds significant experience in the production of jelly and gum (on gelatine or pectin basis, gum arabic, agar-agar, carrageen), as well as liquorice, fondant, cream, marshmallow foam and similar masses. A core expertise is the depositing of centre-filled products with e.g. a fruit paste filling.

WDS serves small to large sized businesses with capacities from 200 kg/h to 7000 kg/h, and its lab equipment enables product development and innovative depositing processes.

The company’s ConfecECO is the start-up line for the production of plain or centre-filled products and masses with inclusions in various shapes – suitable for jellies or chocolate.  The ConfecPRO is a production plant for confectionery manufacturers who want to target a medium to high output quantity. Its modular design together with the decentralised electrical control ensures an easy future growth-oriented expansion at small expenditures for jelly or chocolate production.

Globally, WDS has reported strong success in building moulding plants for jellies and chocolates for decades, with its development aided by its Product Innovation Centre, which has delivered further positive momentum.

The business added that it has paid a strong focus on aftercare support for its machinery customers around the world, and it is keenly awaiting the chance to discuss its latest innovations and topics at this year’s Pack Expo. Visit the company at booth S-2689, shared with their partner Crosio & Associates. See the event website for more.




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