Exclusive video: Alex Assanvo cocoa sector World Confectionery Conference interview

With critical industry supply chains facing continued pressures, we offer an exclusive video interview with Alex Assanvo, Executive Secretary of the Ivory Coast and Ghana Cocoa Initiative, ahead of his appearance at the World Confectionery Conference.

Editor Neill Barston speaks to him on major topics including the organisation’s mission to drive improved conditions for West African-based farmers, as well as tackling a host of associated issues including tackling deforestation and child labour that remain notable factors for the sector’s future sustainability.

You can can register to see Alex Assanvo join Brett Beach of MIA Foodie, Ferrero’s Francesco Tramontin, Wim Kruikemeijer of Cama Group, and Tony Prange of Baker Perkins, at the World Confectionery Conference on 9 September in Brussels via our dedicated website.

Watch the video interview as a preview for our QandA session as a key element of our event at the Marriott Hotel, which is set to cover major equipment, systems, ingredients and finished product developments.


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