Schubert reports resilient performance and targets business carbon neutrality

German-based packaging equipment and systems company Gerhard Schubert has recorded a strong performance for 2021, as it looks to continue its growth pattern into the New Year, reports Neill Barston.

The business had anticipated exhibiting at this year’s ProSweets, but uncertain conditions surrounding coronavirus meant it was unable to proceed with its anticipated plans.

As we previously reported, the company had planned to exhibit an innovative cartooning system created for packing chocolate bars into recyclable boxes.

Speaking to Confectionery Production, Marcel Kiessling, managing director of sales and service, believed that despite the ongoing backdrop of the pandemic, its global business had in fact performed solidly. While he expressed disappointment at being unable to exhibit at ProSweets, he explained it is anticipating participation at a number of subsequent key events later this year.

Notably, he revealed that a core topic would be that of sustainable packaging, and sustainability in general. As part of this, the business is moving towards a key target of becoming carbon neutral by 2024, which he said will see the company continuing to enhance the efficiency of its production operations and capabilities of its machinery ranges.

He said: “We have just finished 2021 which was the second year of the pandemic, but we in fact had a good business period. We managed to keep the company going and our operations going with all the precautionary measures that we took. “From a sales side, we had a good year which was driven by all areas that we are involved with, confectionery being one of them for sure, which was very successful, as was baked goods and bakery, and we achieved strong growth.”

Backing this up, he explained that the company’s order book for 2022 was already full, indicating its consistent performance was expected to continue.

“We feel well positioned across many business areas. From a technology point of view, we have solutions for very different applications, from relatively small machines like our Lightline carton packing system, which is very compact, operating with our flow packing robots, and has been really successful. There have also been lots of customised solutions that we have provided for products such as chocolates and pralines,” he added of its present area of business focus.


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