Ritter Sport enters sustainably sourced dark milk bar market

Ritter Sport has confirmed a further sustainability milestone in launching Don Choco – a dark milk chocolate bar made from 100% certified, sustainable cocoa from its cacao plantation in El Cacao, Nicaragua.

The limited edition release, which comes after the business made significant environmental strides in being named as being carbon neutral in its operations,.

Made with rich dark milk chocolate with a 40% cocoa content, Don Choco is the company’s first bar within the category. Darker and higher cocoa content chocolate is growing +9% year-on-year and so this new bar is expected to help drive incremental category sales.

The packaging features the Don Choco sloth character, recently hired as the new Director of Slo-perations, modelled on a real-life sloth living on the El Cacao plantation.

His exacting standards mean he stops at nothing to passionately uphold the company ethos and produce chocolate that tastes better because it’s grown the right way. The back of pack also tells the story of the work at the plantation and helps educate consumers about Ritter Sport’s sustainability credentials.

Katy Clark, Head of Marketing at Ritter Sport UK & IRE said: “Doing the right thing to create really good chocolate is at the very heart of our brand and we’re incredibly excited to see our new Don Choco product swinging into stores nationwide. Unlike the ultra-slow-moving sloth, our Don Choco bars are expected to sell fast, so, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Katy continues: “Sustainability is already on trend, and dark milk has a strong appeal for shoppers wanting to try darker and higher cocoa content chocolate and so this delicious new bar, made from 100% certified, sustainable cocoa, is set to be a win-win with consumers and retailers alike. It’s a really fun way to celebrate and educate people about our relentless sustainability

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