Biscuit Boutique delivers latest range combining confectionery and fine art

Premium confectionery brand Biscuit Boutique, specialising in combining porcelain painting with chocolate biscuit Bonbons, has delivered a new recipe targeting UK customers, writes Neill Barston.

The company’s full range is available from Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwick, as well and online, with its growth reflected in a wider parallel of increased luxury treat sales.

Biscuit Boutique’s new recipe features high grade dark Belgian chocolate (55%) with gluten-free and vegan biscuit crumbs and a smooth, nutty hazelnut praline filling.

The resulting product has depth, with subtle notes of caramel and hazelnuts, balanced with Belgian dark chocolate. The Bonbons are then topped with a soft fondant, acting as a canvas for the stunningly painted mosaic designs.

A family-owned business run by mother-and-son duo Judith and George, and his partner Christian, their experience range from Hungarian porcelain painting to a pâtissier, resulting in a range of sophisticated and complex skills, reflected in Biscuit Boutique’s artistic confections.

The artisan boxes make the perfect gift, capturing combined passions, inspired by craft, art and synonymous with luxury. The eye-catching collections are available in boxes of 9 or 16, with something for everyone. The brand is also offers a bespoke service, providing extravagance via personalised designs, perfect for an extra special moment, whether it be for a wedding, birthday or corporate gifting.

As the family behind the business explains, the formation of company was born of a genuine desire to create something unique that customers would enjoy, and would contain a high level of art.

“My mother has remarkable experience, both as a pastry chef and a painter for the world-famous Hungarian porcelain manufactory Herendi,” says George. “We wanted to create a project which utilised her artistic skills and my business experience to make something unique. People love to receive a gift that has been made for them and there’s a particular pleasure in beautiful and tasty food. We came up with the idea of a mosaic biscuit – a genuine work of art where we combine intricate porcelain painting with delicious, gourmet biscuits.”

“When I look at these amazing creations I find it hard to remember the trials and tribulations we went through to get the recipe and art just right but our perseverance and belief in our dream kept us going,” says George. “We were forced to take the business online in March 2020 due to the global pandemic and created an online store which welcomed a fantastic surge in business. We produce a whole experience, with every detail including tissue wrapping and ornate packaging, given the same attention. Customers can either choose from already developed designs or opt for bespoke for christenings, weddings or baby showers.”

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