Royal Duyvis Wiener unveils latest ball mill refiner for chocolate processing

Netherlands-based Royal Duyvis Wiener has unveiled its latest series of ball milling system designed for handling compound and chocolate applications, reports Neill Barston.

The global manufacturer of equipment for the confectionery and bakery sectors has gained more than a century of industry experience operating from its headquarters in Koog aan de Zaan.

As the company explained, the Generation 7 Wiener Ball Mill refiner has been devised to improve control over the refining process, enabling a consistent product quality.

The latest series’ vessel was specifically redesigned for milling compound and chocolate applications, resulting in a more compact solution for the same capacity. This results in a milling chamber with very limited dead-space. Without compromising capacity, less product will be in the ball mill during grinding. Less waste during product changes, lower risk of contamination and the highest quality product – the most effective refiner of its kind.

Theo Pouw, Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the development of the new line, which comes a year after the company agreed a major refinancing arrangement to secure the future of the business, which has served the cocoa, chocolate and compound sectors since its foundation in 1885.

He said: “The new generation Ball Mill was developed in line with the customer feedback. We’ve been listening to our chocolate and compound producers and created a new generation to cater their specific needs.”

The Generation 7 Wiener Ball Mill combines proven concepts with the latest innovations. One of the proven concepts, unique to the Wiener Ball Mill is Gravitech technology. All natural gravity flow is created by a slow rotating shaft and high energy impact, which makes the application of additional force redundant. A key benefit of the Gravitech technology is the reduction of wear and tear on both balls and the vessel. Less downtime and replacement costs. The iron stays where it belongs, in the machine and not in your precious chocolate or compound.

Its new Pillow Plate technology has been designed to optimise product quality and food safety. This new and improved system for cooling enables ultimate control on the water flow. This technology prevents welds of the vessel making contact with the water of the cooling system ruling our water contamination. It has been developed to handle complex recipes and temperature sensitive products.

The implementation of smart technical features and intricate design allows a full maintenance programme, while reducing interference to a minimum. The design gives operators a clear view on critical parts the machine, without having to open the hood. An example of a smart maintenance solution is the automated greasing system, keeping the machine greased at the right level and signalling hen the greasing system should be refilled. Continuous greasing with limited interference.

‘This is what Generation 7 is all about’, Pouw adds, ‘smart solutions and innovative technologies to bring the very best to our customers. High capacity, more sustainable, less human interference, without compromising on what drives us all, a high quality product.’ For more information visit


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