Ferrero USA lends seasonal cheer with latest Christmas releases

Ferrero’s US division has unveiled its latest festive series of confectionery treats to offer some seasonal sparkle to lend seasonal cheer amid challenging times, writes Neill Barston

The company’s Christmas offerings include a Rocher 24 piece Holiday Glamond Gift Box, featuring  fine hazelnut chocolates in striking new packaging, as well as its 12-item Rocher Tree, and a Star series featuring a shining golden design.

Throughout the season, consumers can seek some inspiration from the business’s Pinterest page for creative inspiration to celebrate, along with shoppable pins to locate exactly what you require.

The Christmas collection also includes Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Dark Edition with an assortment of premium dark chocolates paired with roasted hazelnuts, soft caramel with a touch of sea salt, and Arabica coffee, available in 12 and 24 count boxes.

Among the region’s other special releases for the season is Ferrero Collection Three Piece Assortment, featuring Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello (a California almond and coconut from the Pacific Islands) and Rondnoir (a crisp wafer surrounding a creamy, chocolaty filling with a dark chocolate pearl at the centre) premium chocolates.

There are also assorted special minis from Butterfinger, Crunch and Baby Ruth brands, Tic Tac candy canes, as well as US-brand Fannie May’s Holiday Wrap Pixies, delivering a blend of hand-poured caramel, lightly roasted pecans and chocolate.

Key releases

In addition, there are also several key releases in the Kinder series, including Kinder Joy Holiday Fireplace Multipack brings the fun to the holidays with 6 individual Kinder Joy eggs in a fireplace-themed box and limited edition holiday toys, as well as a Kinder Chocolate Happy Plush Gift Box, with a cuddle bear or a reindeer friend and 12 pieces of delicious smooth milk chocolate with a creamy milk filling – which also comes with its own animal friend adoption certificate.

Furthermore, the company is also offering additions to its Nutella range, including mini jars, and a  DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit, to help inspire new family traditions while supporting No Kid Hungry. The limited-edition Nutella-shaped tin kit includes ingredients to make a Nutella Gingerbread Pancake recipe and features a specially marked Nutella holiday jar. Supplies are limited and the kit is exclusively available for purchase at

For every specially marked holiday jar of Nutella sold, whether purchased through the kit online or separately at retailers nationwide, 20 cents per sale of each specially marked jar will go to support No Kid Hungry up to $300,000.

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