Thew Arnott agrees sale of its colour business to Extrachem

UK-based specialist ingredients company, Thew Arnott Group has completed the sale of its colour business, Horizon Specialities, to Extrachem in Germany.

The Bielefeld-based business has been a trusted partner and distributor for Horizon Specialities’ high-quality range of colours, dyes, pigments and lakes in Germany for several years.

Extrachem has a strong position in the food and feed industry as well as home and personal care markets in Germany and Europe; the addition of the Horizon range of products will further strengthen the company’s in-house expertise and competitive position in the marketplace.

The sale of Horizon Specialities will enable Thew Arnott to focus on its core business of ingredients such as lecithins, starches, coatings and polishes for the confectionery, pharmaceutical, personal care and wider food industries.

One of its most significant breakthroughs of the past year has been the development of its Flo Zein range of all-natural corn protein films developed to coat nuts and enhance shelf life.

Designed to be vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, the series includes Zein and Cozeen which can be applied to nuts such as peanuts, roasted peanuts and walnuts as well as dried fruit to act as a moisture, oxygen, microbial and insect barrier. As a result, not only is shelf life improved for the products during long term storage, but their taste, freshness and quality is also retained.

Control tests have shown that nuts coated in Flo Zein maintain a better appearance, aroma and texture in comparison to products which have been coated with other plant-based coatings.

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