Rousselot accelerates gummy-gelation process

Rousselot has accelerated the gelation process of gummies to just five to ten minutes with its new gelatin-based technology, SiMoGel.

In a process that used to take up to 24 hours with a starch depositing process, SiMoGel has reduced that time by an enormous 99.3% to just five minutes. Currently there is no other gelatin-based solution available on the  market that enables gummy-gelation in the same time.

The new method also eliminates the need for starch completely with various mold types including 3D metal and air eject.

Designed to support confectioners and nutraceutical manufacturers with the production of gummies in a starchless environment, SiMoGel was first introduced at the end of 2017 and is made using porcine or bovine gelatin grades.

Rousselot then tested it in applications in collaboration with Baker Perkins, a British engineering company that offers process systems and equipment to the global confectionery and bakery industry.

Jeff Daelman, product & business development manager at Rousselot said: “With growing consumer demand for nutraceutical gummies, the use and recycling of starch is becoming a hindrance. Starchless molding is becoming increasingly popular as it is a clean and hygienic alternative, considerably speeding up the gelation process compared to the minimum of 24 hours normally needed within a starch depositing process.”

To find out more about SiMoGel for starch-free production of gummies, visit

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