Crown achieve sustainability goal after just two years

Just two years into its five-year initiative to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Crown Holdings, a leading supplier of packaging products worldwide including confectionery tins, has exceeded one of its two targeted 2020 sustainability goals.

The Pennsylvania, US-based company announced the goals in 2016 to reduce its impact on climate change, reflecting Crown’s commitment to efficiently manage and conserve resources and bring innovations to market that support the sustainability efforts of its customers and consumers.

Part one of the plan was to reduce energy consumption by 5% per billion standard units of production from 2015 levels by the end of 2020. As of December 31, 2017, Crown surpassed this goal, reducing energy consumption by 5.1% per billion standard units. Absolute energy consumption has increased by only 1.6% while the Company increased production by over 7.1%.

The company has also achieved three quarters of its goal of reducing scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 10% per billion standard units of production from 2015 levels. Absolute emissions have decreased by 1.1% even as production has increased by 7.1%.

“We are proud of the results we have achieved in the first two years of our five-year journey,” said John Rost, director of global sustainability at Crown. “Reducing our energy consumption and emissions while expanding our manufacturing footprint and output demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. Our success can be attributed to a variety of projects, including introducing renewable energy into some facilities, but the biggest impact has come from the contributions of our global workforce that is fully committed to our sustainability program.”

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