Confectionery consultant oversees UK style fudge production in Saudi Arabia

UK confectionery specialist Andy Baxendale has been commissioned to oversee a project manufacturing British-style fudge in Saudi Arabia.

Known widely as the Sweet Consultant, the experienced industry expert from Manchester has spent more than 20 years working with the sector, having gained a Master’s of Science in Advanced Food Manufacture.

He was contacted by chocolate makers Le Concheur based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, when they were looking for an expert to oversee their production of British-style fudge and was flown out especially to help with manufacture and staff training.

Fudge has become popular in Saudi Arabia because of its unique texture and flavour and because, unlike chocolate, it doesn’t melt in hot temperatures.

Mr Baxendale, an editorial board member for Confectionery Production, is a former product development manager for Chewits in the UK, and explained that Le Concheur expected to start selling fudge in its two shops in the next few weeks.

He said: “The demand for traditional British fudge in Saudi Arabia has soared recently and people really enjoy the quality and taste of the high-quality product we are able to offer them.

“It is a great thing to have for a treat and when the temperature soars to 40 degrees and chocolate melts easily, it is a fantastic alternative.”

Mr Baxendale consults on every aspect of confectionery production, with extensive knowledge of regulation and legislation in the industry, advising companies on everything from recipes to staff training and enhanced production techniques.

Recently he has been one of the stars of the hit BBC 2 confectionery show The Sweet Makers.

He is currently working to set up a National Academy of sweets to teach a new generation the art of confectionery production and development.

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