Millbo and Nagase to distribute PHL enzyme in Europe

Millbo and Nagase & Co have announced the European distribution agreement of PHL, an enzyme that is said to improve cake softness and shelf life with egg and fat reduction.

PHL, the microbial phospholipase enzyme by Nagase’s enzyme division, is being offered to European producers as a pure enzyme, or in a diluted and blended form for those who need tailor-made solutions. It is available in Millbo’s Ef.fecto range where Nagase’s enzyme is the key ingredient to get the best performances of products, the company says.

Millbo will offer three different solutions based on PHL enzyme in its Ef.fecto lineup that it says allows craft and industrial production to obtain a clean label without any artificial additives and make cakes and biscuits with reduced egg and fat content, extra softness and longer shelf life.

The move, Millbo adds, will allow the company to offer up to date and customised solutions to customers looking for new products in bakery industry.

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