Millennials seek chocolate with added grains

Grains and cereals have been receiving considerable attention globally as ingredients or flavours in chocolate confectionery, presenting opportunities for manufacturers to ramp up innovation.

According to a Mintel survey, around 47% of German chocolate eaters have expressed an interest in chocolate products which feature grains and cereals. Millennials have been noted as the generation most likely to favour the multi texture products; German chocolate eaters aged 25-34 – older millennials – being the most likely to express interest in these products. Interest deteriorates among those aged 55 and over.

Although there is a growing interest in grains such as quinoa, as well as cereals such as corn flakes and rice puffs in chocolate confectionery, it is not reflected in new product development in Germany. Only a small percentage of chocolate confectionery launches in the market has included any type of cereal or grain as a flavour.

As a result, Mintel analysts believe there is room for manufacturers to ramp up innovation. “Considering the extent to which millennial chocolate eaters express interest in such combinations, it is definitely time to experiment with more of such products,” they say.

Some cereals, such as corn flakes and rice puffs, may be easier to promote to consumers, as these ingredients are already well known in other categories or as foods on their own. But others, such as quinoa, may still be relatively unfamiliar to consumers in general, the analysts explain.

The popularity of quinoa, chia and other new grains and cereals among millennials is considerably higher, however, as this group is at the forefront of new food concepts.

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