Resealable film lid for snacks

Packaging specialist KM Packaging Services has launched a resealable film lid for snack products that can be opened and reclosed multiple times.

Compatible with Apet, Cpet and PE lined types of thermoformed trays, K Reseal can be used for any application where after opening the pack and partial consumption has taken place, there is a requirement to reseal the pack to keep the remaining product fresh. These include yogurt or chocolate coated raisins/nuts, cinder toffee and boxes of chocolates.

With the optional features of anti-fog, laser perforation and printability, the film is also suitable for convenience and chilled products. The transparent lid is also printable, the company says, making it more attractive for on shelf packaging and useful for providing information and reducing the need for additional external packaging.

Significant packaging weight reduction is achieved when compared to traditional thermoformed clip on lids and up to 3,000g of packed product can be stacked for distribution and retail, the group adds.

K Reseal can be customised to a manufacturer’s requirements in terms of size, aperture, shape and added value features, and is compatible with all types of tray sealing machines.

KM commercial director Graham Holding explained, “Despite concerted efforts by the food industry to reduce waste, more than £10 billion worth of food is thrown away in the UK alone every year – enough to fill a football stadium nine times over. A significant proportion of this is down to issues with shelf life and labelling, so any efforts to extend shelf life in the home and reduce waste should be applauded.

“K Reseal is the latest of our lidding innovations to offer manufacturers and retailers a consumer friendly lidding solution that provides shoppers with easy repeat access to fresh produce over numerous occasions, without compromising shelf life. This means that food which might previously have dried out or gone off once opened has a better chance of being used up instead of being thrown out.”

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