Nut free marzipan substitute debuts

German company GoodMills Innovation has developed a cereal-based powdered marzipan replacement for use in the production of fine baked goods.

Depending on the area of application, Phönix imitation marzipan is produced either exclusively with water or additionally with whole egg. As it is free from nut components, the company says the ingredient is not subject to the variable market price for almonds and quality is standardised throughout the year, making costings easier for producers.

Depending on the volume of liquid added, the consistency can be adjusted as required, from spreadable to pipeable fillings. The mass is said to be easy to process on machines and maintains its stability during baking, freezing and thawing.

Phönix imitation marzipan can be used as a filling in yeast doughs and Danish doughs as well as in puff pastries. It contains natural flavours, making it suitable for clean-label concepts and, according to the company, has an “authentic mouthfeel and taste profile”.

“The market price for almonds has been high for several years now, but it has also been subject to strong fluctuations, which complicates price calculations for our clients,” says Kai Wörzler, product manager for bakery at GoodMills Innovation.

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